Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Baybayon Latecomer

Pier one 39
I was ecstatic when my wife asked me if I want to go to Sagñay. Why ecstatic? Well, it's summer that said I get to see the Baybayon festival which is not the very reason why I was so thrilled but because of the Bikini Open, this would be the first time I get to see walking bikinis(huge grin)yes, I'm already 23 but I haven't seen an event like it so it's a dream come true (my wife will kill me once she read this).

But the ecstasy turned to a profound sorrow when my wife told me that the festivity was already over(kwink, kwink, kwing...)but of course I pretended that I was never affected, inside, I was trying to convince myself that it's okay, I was waiting for my motivation to kick in. So my wife and I rode in a bus (non-aircon) from CBD to Tigaon, and from Tigaon asked a tricycle driver to take us to Pier 0ne 39 (a resort in Sagñay). It took us 2 hours to reach the place from Naga City to the resort.

a nightscape from the shores of Sagñay

When I reached the place I realized something, my butt was aching from a long trip courtesy of JC Liner, but still thankful that my wife and I were alive after the trip (the bus driver was a former F1 racer). Seriously now, I realized that it's not the bikini after all why I should be in that place. On that night I was greeted with a beautiful sky, with a gleaming moon, and a rush of waves while taking my wife for a walk, I was never romantic my whole life except during that moment. The bikini thought was gone. Sagñay has more to offer, not only the bikinis, but also the place, the sand was not perfect white but very fine, fine enough to be used as an alternative if you ran out of face powder (not a serious suggestion). Sagñay is a recommended place if you want to find an atmosphere that's serene (during evenings), closer (2 hours of travel)and simple.

Note: I hope my wife won't kick me anymore after reading this.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to kill boredom

Sunday, afternoon, humid, everyone was sleeping except from me. There was the t.v. but no decent show, boredom sinks in, the ultimate solution was a camera.

father and son

Stills, they are all around. Cheesy is what I describe the picture above, I was not after the safety pins, I was after the bokeh.

dried octopus

From pins, to plants, ants, underwear hanging, these are possible subjects (I didn't get to shoot undies though).


That guy is weird, is he shooting those rusty GIs'? Yes, I just did, and yes, it's kinda weird.


I'm addicted to shadows as well, I killed time and boredom, 4 shots for 2 hours. I shoot with nikon (d40) by the way.